MIU IV Virtual

Refund & Course Change Policy

Full Refund (Details)

Single Course Purchases

A full refund for teachers that pay for single courses, minus $35 registration fee, will be provided up to 4 days before the course start date. Important note: Teachers that start courses before the course start date give up their right to a full refund

ESL Certification Course Series

Teachers that purchase the ESL courses series and receive the ESL series discount commit to completing the ESL certification in 3 years or less. This is non-refundable.


Teachers do have the right to transfer their ESL course series purchase (including the special pricing) to other teachers for their remaining and incomplete ESL courses for a $50 transfer fee. 

Certificates (Details)

No refunds will be issued if a students drops after the start date of the first course in the series. NO EXCEPTIONS

No Refunds (Courses) (Details)

 Single Course Purchase:

No refunds will be issued if a student drops a course on or after 4 days before the course start date -  NO EXCEPTIONS

ESL Certification Course Series

No refunds are provided to teachers that commit to completing the ESL Program Specialist Certification by purchasing the ESL certification course series and receiving a discount of $1,000 or more. Teachers that can't commit to completing the Pennsylvania ESL Program Specialist Certification should purchase each of the six ESL courses one course at a time

No Refunds (Hardware) (Details)

Once hardware like an iPad is ordered, there are no refunds.

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Course Change Fees (Drop/Add) (Details)

Students will be charged a $35 fee for changing a course at anytime.

Course Dates (Details)

eAdviser  and Midwestern IU IV reserves the right to change a course start date based upon course enrollment or other factors beyond the control of eAdviser or Midwestern IU IV