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Why Should Mature Women Like You?

by Gill Albert

I want to direct this post towards the 95% of men who go out to find a woman to potentially date or sleep with, and never experience any real success, specifically, with the very attractive mature women in a bar or nightclub (9’s and 10’s). What are you doing wrong? Sure, you may have a big dick, but as a very attractive woman, she has access to plenty of men with big dicks. Sure, you may be good-looking, but she has her pick of very good-looking men. Oh, you have money? Well, she constantly has men who offer to buy her things.

Realizing this, I want to point out one crucial mistake almost every guy makes when approaching mature women. You may think that you have game, but chances are, you can’t pick and choose which mature women you get whenever you want. More than likely, you played a numbers game, and one girl just happened to like you, and chances are, she wasn’t one of those top-notch girls that you really wanted. If you’re now dating her, you probably figured “hey, she’s cute enough.” and settled on her. After what I have to tell you, you will NEVER have to settle on anything less than the type of very attractive girl that you REALLY want to be with.

So what is the mistake that almost every guy makes when approaching a group of very attractive mature women? He goes in and starts gaming the girls right away. Mystery alluded to this, but no one really paid it any attention. Instead, almost all of you go in and start running your routines, lines, and anything to get the girl to like you. That is the wrong approach to take. Instead, you really need to disarm the girl you want and her friends. They need to know that you are a cool guy that isn’t after one thing, at least initially.

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How do you do this? When you approach a group of mature women, then you need to appeal to their own self-interests. Almost all of you forget that when you first approach a group of mature women that you need to GIVE VALUE to the group before you give any hint of wanting anything sexual from them. How many of you can honestly say that when you approach a group of very attractive mature women that they are better off talking to you than they were without you? How many of you can honestly say that what you have to say is better than that of any other guy that approached them that night? If I could take a wild guess, I’d say that none of you can honestly say any of the aforementioned.

Getting back to what I was saying, how do you give value to a group of mature women by appealing to their own self-interests? There are several ways to do this, but I will reveal to you one way that I do it with a VERY high success rate. When I approach a group of mature women, I either start telling them a really cool story that mature women can relate to, or I get them talking about an issue that many mature women face.

All the while I’m doing this, I am giving subtle hints that I am a guy worth having, even though they might not even be conscious of it. I’m very calm, very confident, I’m being non-needy, I’m in control of the entire group, making them laugh, and every member of their group is into whatever I have to say. At this point, the girls are going to be very open to me kicking my game at one of them, as not only did I bring the entire group my value, but also I just displayed traits that are very attractive to mature women.

What is an example of how I might bring value to the group of very attractive mature women that I am approaching? I have a million of these, but I’ll give you one of my personal gambits that I use. I’ll approach a group of girls and immediately ask if they think it’s right for a friend of a girl to take her away from a guy that she is very attracted to. IMMEDIATELY all of the girls in the group are going to start talking about it. Why? Because almost every girl has been in this situation. She has either been the girl to get in the way, or she has had a friend try to get in her way. And as they’re talking, I’m going to go into a really cool story related to it and they’re going to listen. Why? Because they can relate to it. People always listen to stories that they can relate to.

Notice how when I use this gambit, I’m not showing any interest in the group, and I am offering them value first. No guy approached them from that angle. All of a sudden, the group is going to be very interested in keeping me around, and if I try to game one of them, they’re probably going to let me (the process of this is another story). Some of you are thinking, “I don’t have to do that and I can still get a phone number”, and to you I ask, how often does that phone number get you anywhere? Almost never? Thought so. And even if you do get a phone number, if you don’t win over the friends first, they’re going to talk trash about you when you leave, and the girl isn’t going to be interested in you enough to bother going out with you.

I have this way that I find out how mature women were doing before I arrived, and specifically with the very hot mature women (9’s and 10’s), before I arrived, their night was very boring, as they get hit on a LOT more than the average looking mature women, and these are by guys that lack any kind of originality in their approaches whatsoever. You know you’re doing something right when they don’t want you to leave, and they start buying you drinks and asking you to stick around. This is the norm for me, as I am just a different kind of guy to them. Not because I have the biggest dick, not because I am the best-looking guy, and not because I have a ton of cash to burn. They want me to stick around because I bring them value and enliven their very drab nights.

To wrap this up, when you approach a group of very attractive mature women, remember to GIVE VALUE FIRST. This will disarm the entire group, and it is something that will get you started in the process of separating yourself from the hundreds, if not thousands of men that have been approaching them throughout their lifetimes. Once you get the friends on your side, then you have already given yourself a huge advantage. Gaming is more than a line. It’s more than a routine. It’s more than dick size, money, and looks. Gaming is all about being the one, and not the one of many. Let that thought marinate in your head for awhile.